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Rack - Wikipedia.
Amp rack, short for amplifier rack, a piece of furniture in which amplifiers are mounted. Bicycle rack, a frame for storing bicycles when not in use. Bustle rack, a type of storage bin mounted on armored fighting vehicles. Drying rack, for hanging clothing to dry.
RACK meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
rack sth up. rack sth up. See all phrasal verb meanings. be on the rack idiom. rack your brains idiom. rack your brain idiom. rack your brain, at rack your brains idiom. rack your brains, at rack your brain idiom.
Rack torture - Wikipedia.
6 The rack, in Roman sources, was referred to with the name equuleus; the word fidicula, more commonly the name of a small lyre or stringed instrument, was used to describe a similar torture device, although its exact design has been lost.
Rack Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Definition of rack Entry 9 of 9. to draw off wine from the lees. Other Words from rack Choose the Right Synonym Frequently Asked Questions About rack Phrases Containing rack Learn More About rack. Other Words from rack. rackful ˈrak-ˌful noun.
Urban Dictionary: Rack.
by d-to-the-ray June 23, 2014. Get the Rack mug. 1 a nice pair of tits 2 a medieval torture method, often used in England where a prisoner is bound with rope around the arms and legs and stretched by pulling the ropes in opposite directions until joints are dislocated causing excruciating pain 3 also a device used to rack prisoners in medieval times 4 the things clothes and coats hang off, either at stores, homes, restaurants or businesses. 1 she had the nicest rack you ever saw 2 rack him!

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